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About Us

Nacogdoches Conservative Watch (NCW) is a group of local Christian conservatives who desire to protect our town from the liberal socialist onslaught that is sweeping through cities all across our nation, and even in the great state of Texas.

NCW fully supports the platform of the Republican Party of Texas.  So why not just   work under the local Nacogdoches GOP?  To start, we are a group of Republicans  that are frustrated with the Republican establishment - whether that establishment is found in Austin or in Nacogdoches.  Also, the Republican Party's bylaws prevent them from endorsing candidates during the primary, so their purpose is mostly served during the general election against Democrats.  In rural counties like Nacogdoches, where the Republicans have a majority, the primary is more important than the general election.  The primary is where the race between true conservatives and RINOS is won.  NCW seeks to educate the public about their ballot choices. 

What We Believe

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