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To Mayor Jimmy Mize and the Nacogdoches City Council,


• We concerned citizens of Nacogdoches County, agree Nacogdoches needs a Comprehensive City Plan.
• We believe this can be accomplished for far less than $450,000.
• We believe DTJ Design is not the best fit for Nacogdoches.
• We ask that you consider your constituents’ concerns.
• We request you postpone the entire comprehensive planning process until an investigation is made to seek alternatives that are less costly and a better fit for Nacogdoches can be found.

Please add your name to this petition which seeks a reasonable and just outcome for taxpayers in Nacogdoches County as we expect our money to be used wisely.

FYI: You do not need to live inside the city limits to sign the petition. If you do business or shop in Nacogdoches, your money helps fund our City.

Thank you for staying involved in our local government!!

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